I'm Jillian Lim. I'm a traveling wedding photographer based out of Texas. I live for cozy winter nights, hiking the Swiss Alps, hanging with my friends around a bonfire, connecting with people I just met, and exploring and traveling to the unknown just for the heck of it. I love trying new things and experiencing different cultures. I love people, and I love reflecting on a person's journey.

My story, their story, your story.

That's why I'm a photographer. So I can help you tell your story, so you can look back in 50 years and reflect on your story and how far you have come and what you have seen since then.

I want my photographs to show the real you. I'm not about the awkward "smile until your face hurts" posed photos. I'm about capturing the genuine, authentic, laughing until your cheeks hurt, fun, passionate, quirky love you both have for each other. 

Instead of waiting for the perfect moments, I love every moment, even if your hair is blowing around everywhere because those are the moments that really show your love. The moments where you don't think anyone is watching, the times you feel safe and comforted, the big moments, the in-between moments, the times you feel like the only other person in the room because of the way your person looks into your eyes and the times you feel like you can't love your person more than you already do.



If you're about the raw, genuine moments, let's be friends and create something beautiful together.